On Children

So many of our beliefs, thoughts and patterns are created during childhood. We can find ourself in mid-life, wondering how our lives fell apart, or got to the extremity they did, and often if we trace it back it goes all the way to an event or impression that began a long time ago, when we were very young. Our upbringing and education as children is crucial to our future emotional, mental and worldly success as adults. 

Traditionally, we have been raised to follow the guidance of our teachers, parents and elders – often whether this made sense or not. We are now being asked to re-examine many things about our world and how we operate. One of the major things we must address is how we raise the children in our care and communities. If we can provide a safe, nurturing space for little ones where their creativity and brilliance is nurtured and fostered, we would very quickly see a very different kind of world emerge. 

The Dalai Lama famously said: “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” We cannot know if this statement is exactly true until we implement this, however isn’t such an incredible statement worth a try? 

Many of the children who are being born on the Planet today are already highly awakened beings who bring with them their own knowledge and special abilities to help us evolve. All children have a natural magic, innocence and creativity that if nurtured correctly, these gifts could bring about new technologies, ways of being and art forms that would advance the human race in leaps and bounds. 

Becoming a Mother has shifted my life in ways I could have never imagined. From Pregnancy to Birth, to raising a child, each step of the way brings such profound opportunities to grow, learn and share. It is my deepest intention each day to raise my son in a way that allows him freedom to be himself, while still guiding him to conduct himself in a safe and respectful manner in the world. As I interact daily with other children because of his activities, I am always imagining how incredible it would be if all children were raised with deep Love, Respect and Honouring for their own individual authentic process and allowing that uniqueness to blossom in the world. 

Currently, I am developing a program for children that combines yoga, dance, music, mantras and meditation to allow kids and parents a fun and sacred environment to learn and grow together. 

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